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Titanic's wealthiest passenger, John Jacob Astor IV lies to rest in Uptown Manhattan.

Being the richest person on Titanic couldn't spare his life from the inevitable end. Astor was one of the 1,500 that lost their lives in the North Atlantic that night. He is buried at the top of Manahattan in Trinity Church's Cemetery and Mausoleum, including the huge wad of cash found in his pockets after the fact. Also to note, the autopsy findings theorize that Astor himself was crushed by Titanic's number one funnel, suffering a traumatic injury to his brain. Note, this is slightly different to the 1997 film depiction of Astor in the Grand Staircase room 'end of the log flume ride' scene. Wikipedia has more on his biography. 

Top; John Jacob Astor VI in 1909. Bottom; Eric Braeden in Titanic, 1997.

Left; Astor's Family Burial Plot. Right; Trinity Church Cemetery, 770 Riverside Drive, New York

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