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Tuesday marks 20 years since the 1993 WTC Bombing.

There's a lot of history I could write up on this event 20 years ago, but I feel people are quite familiar with the story and the lives lost. I was 10 years old at the time was pretty concerned. I recall having visions of enemy helicopters landing in our backyard in rural New Jersey. I'll account this to recent memories of the Middle East and Operation Gulf Storm from a 10 year's point of view.

It's somewhat unsettling that the attack was conceived, planned, and carried out from my home city, Jersey City. 

From Terrorists to Brooklyn-like 'all-too-creative' business owners in 20 years, It's amazing how much Jersey City has changed. It's quite evident in HBO's Path to Paradise, filmed on location in Downtown JC. Scenes are shot from Grove and Newark Streets to Paulus Hook. The 'Path to Paradise' was produced in 1997 and has some excellent shots of the Towers back then. Filmed in Jersey City many locations and bodega are recognizable. It's spilt over 10 parts on YouTube, see the embed below.

As a historical foot note, this event resulted in changes to emergency procedures at the World Trade Center that saved lives on September 11th. People took evacuations seriously and knew what to do. The Vista Hotel was above the blast radius. On September 11th a small area of the building's structure survived the South Tower's collapse and protected those inside. From accounts I've heard, this happened because it had been re-enforced in the rebuilding after the '93 attack.

Below are some of AP Photographer's images from February 26 along with my family's photos of the Towers in 1993, including the opening to NBC Nightly News that evening.

Helicopters attempt roof landing above the North Tower. © 1993 AP Photo/Ron Frehm The Towers blacked out as result of the 1993 Bombing. Photographed from Vesey and Church Streets © 1993 AP Photo/George Widman

The First Responders at the Vista Hotel and One World Trade seen from West Street © 1993 AP Photo/George Widman

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center from Liberty Island. Seen on May 1993, 3 months after the Bombing. © Raisch Family Archives

My family posses on Liberty Island back in 1993. © Raisch Family Archives

The 1993 WTC Bombing Victims panel at the National September 11th Memorial. © October 2011. Raisch Studios

HBO Films' 'The Path to Paradise' Title Card Design.

Many of the scenes were filmed in Jersey City, Including this view from Paulus Hook.

Newark Avenue depicted in 1990 as seen in HBO's 'Path to Paradise'

Businesses on Newark Avenue and Grove Street in Jersey City filmed in 1997. As of 2013 the Cleaners is still there. Hudson Camera closed last year.

HBO's "Path to Paradise" 1997


February 26, 1993 - Opening to NBC Nightly News





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