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Wedding First Look

MH17 in Memorial: Story of the Malaysian wau.




The Complete Hashtag Guide to the World Cup

The guys over at Fanbrandz have put their sports branding skills to work design you the complete guide to the Hashtags of the World Cup teams. Below are a few of my designs and favorites. Full piece on Fanbrandz.com


15 Years ago today Moby's landmark album 'Play' is released. Jump on your bed to mark the occasion.


MH370 Raisch Studios Tribute press coverage on CNN and Astro Awani


Malaysia Airlines 370: As told by Aviation Photographers across the Globe

I'm proud to share this backstory on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a tribute told through aviation photographers and planespotters from across the globe. It spans from Australia, Malaysia, Rome, LAX to South Africa. Their images and stories are powerful and will move you. I'm currently developing this with CNN to share this piece on their digital platforms.

Flight 370 Tribute on RaischStudios.com


Merry Christmas Eve to all!


Our Studio Time-Lapse Holiday Card


AT&T's Telstar 401 Launched 20 Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago this Monday, December 16, I was fortunate to witness the launch of Telstar 401 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. My mother's career allowed our family to experience some truly unique events  

My mother was a leader of the  AT&T Skynet Satellite Services Group in 1993. Her team included Marketing and Product Managers, Operations and Engineering for the fleet of Telstar 3 series satellites. These satellites were used primarily for TV Broadcast. The 400 Series were designed by AT&T Laboratories to replace the aging fleet.  

On September 28, 1993, AT&T made their official announcement from the Hawley, PA Control Center. For its' time, Telstar 401 was touted as the industry's most advanced video and data service provider, beaming ABC, FOX and PBS across the US in the mid 90's. Beyond its' television broadcasting abilities, Telstar offered services for universities to broadcast their college level courses. This was ground breaking then; common place now.  

Pictured below is former Astronaut Terry Hart. Terry was part of the 1978 NASA selection and flew on the Challenger in 1984. After his NASA experience, he brought his talents to AT&T's Skynet Satellite Services. There, he teamed up with Mom and the AT&T Labs design team for the Telstar 401 project.

During the third year of service, in early January 1997, Telstar was destroyed in a massive burst of solar wind (also known as a coronal mass ejection) AT&T declared Telstar "permanently out of service" shortly after this event. Rumor has it that it was broadcasting Star Trek at the moment of black out.

Despite Telstar's early demise, it's intended life span was projected into 2005 or 2007 based on it's internal fuel storage. After which it was to have the 'plug pulled' and then drifting into free orbit as space junk.

Below is a collection of highlights from the Telstar 401 Mission Overview and Cape Canaveral trip I kept all these years. 

Michael's December 16th launch credentials

Mom and Dad pictured before the launch of Telstar4

December 16, 1993 Liftoff for the first launch of the Atlas IIAS

Terry Hart seen with a scale model of Telstar4


2002, New York City, and Paul Walker

It was time in my life when it felt anything could happen in New York City.

Paul Walker reminds us the shortness and sudden nature of life. I've been jogging my memory all day about the day I ran into him in Lower Manhattan. Specifically Soho, north of Canal Street at West Broadway.

A few short days before I ran into Paul, He had just won the 'Best On Screen Team' with Vin Diesel at the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. This was broadcasted six days before I had met him. During the broadcast I gathered one item of his trademark style was his laces out Vans sneakers.

This observation came in handy spoting Paul days later wondering through Chinatown towards Soho.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker at the 2002 MTV Movie Awards

Diesel and Walker winning the Best On-Screen Team. Photo: WireImage

Paul Walker over taking WeeMan at the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. Photo: WireImage, Jeffery Mayer

It was his sneakers that confirmed his appearence to me. As I decided to approach Paul, I'm not sure exactly what crossed my mind. I know that the first thing out of my mouth was something about enjoying the first Fast and Furious film and that I owned a 1984 Supra– A car with alot of street creed in the Japanese car racing culture. 

He immediately made and welcomed conversation about cars with me for a few minutes. He was totally cool about pausing for a few minutes to chat on the street. 

Paul Walker and Michael Raisch photographed in Soho, June 12, 2002

As we wrapped up, I recalled one other detail about him. That was he was a big car guy beyond the film and especially that he owned a Nissan Skyline imported from Japan. He confirmed that this was true. Cool stuff to hear first hand and exciting for that time. As we parted, I asked him if was ok to do a quick photo. With my long arm I did a quick selfie (Yet to defined as such for another 11 years and with a 2001 HP Digital Camera on loan from my Uncle). My photo and abbreviated story (tweet below) was featured with similar fan stories on Buzzfeed.com


Below are a number of my digital photos of a Post September 11th New York City. At this time I was devoted to documenting and capturing the City in the wake the attacks. They are companied along with Paul's Nissan Skyline and my Toyota Supra photographed in 2002. In my quick impression of Paul, I'll remember him this way; incredibly approachable and for all his sucess in Hollywood and a good guy. 

His death has impacted me and reflects back on a brief moment I had with him. Clearly he made alot of positive of impact on people through out his film career and his life.

Paul posing with a 2002 Nissan Skyline

Michael with his beloved 1984 Supra

Raisch Studio's 1984 Toyota Supra


Grandpa made toddler furniture


Marking 50 Years since Kennedy's death.


New York State Apple Picking


10 Years ago this week, We kicked off the final Roadtrip.


15 Years ago, I drew this Presidential Portrait.

At the time I didn't think this was a good likeness of President Clinton. How time changes our perspective.


Latest Film: 30 Fans at the 2013 MLB All-Star Game


Eve and Legos


National Air and Space Museum Panorama

See the high res here.


Eve and Grandpa


Best camera ever.


Summer water time fun with Eve.